For Independent Auctions YES, for dealers, MAYBE.

Live bid auto auctions for car dealers

What is a Online Open Bid Auction?

Running an auction is really easy with Auction Simplified™ because our software allows for bidders to view cars online in advance of the sale with proxy bid or just “Buy Me Now” if they really want the car right away.

 Open Bid Auto Auction: This auction is called Open because bidders can see the other bids. They can bid in $100 increments from there or place a proxy bid and the software will bid automatically for them.

  • Sellers like it because bidders get into a bidding battle onsite and online which sometimes can drive the price through the roof
  • Buyers like it because they can find bargains and sometimes get a bargain when no one is bidding.

How does an Online Open Bid Auction Work?

Indy Auctions and Dealers post their cars online for buyers to view. They list an end date and time and set a viewing day for buyers to look at the cars. They can view the condition report and photos and bid completely online. Buyers can also visit the dealership or auction on the viewing day and inspect the cars for themselves before they bid.

Buyers/Wholesalers can place their bids online any time a sale is running. Once the sale ends, the computer tabulates the winners and a notice is emailed and /or texted to the buyer and seller.


About Auction Simplified

We Help Dealers Become Their Own Wholesale Online Auction
By eliminating the expenses of transporting cars and the high fees associated with selling cars at big box auctions, Auction Simplified has increased dealer profit and lowered the cost to wholesale cars.
We Help Towing Companies Run World Class Salvage Auctions Online and In-Person
We provide full integration with major towing software, so you don't have to load inventory a second time or do the accounting twice. We include a smart phone app that makes processing inventory simple and convenient.
We Help Independent Auctions and Dealers Holding Lane Sales
With an inexpensive yet amazingly robust software solution that includes HD-Simulcast, state of the art lane management along with bidders app.
We Help Dealers Already Running a Pen and Paper Bid Sale
Auction Simplified will enhance the existing pen and paper style by adding hundreds of online national buyers from their wholesale marketplace. Using the velocity approach to wholesale, cars are online in front of hundreds of buyer’s sooner and are sold faster.
We Help Reduce Dealers Expenses
It's absolutely free to selling dealers and towing companies. No seller fees or software fee. In most cases this alone will save dealers $250,000 per year
Helps Wholesale Buyers Save Money
Due to our tiny buyers fees and the reduction in costs for the participating dealers, prices are lower.
Our Software is Easy to Use with World Class Support:
Our Simplified software requires less of a learning curve so you will be up and running in moments, however, Auction Simplified is committed to providing ongoing training, proactive coaching and support to ensure dealers achieve results they never thought possible. Join the almost 8% of dealers who have their own private wholesale marketplace..

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